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Letters to the Editor - Lets erase Partitionism

Published: 21 July, 2008

Mr Darach McDonald
Tyrone Herald

Darach, a chara,

I want to tell readers of the Tyrone Herald that I am writing to all TDs and Senators in the Oireachtas to make a very simple point in 2008.

Ireland is made up of 32 counties and this country has a population approaching six million. I do not need to tell anyone that Ireland's population is becoming increasingly diverse. I think that we should welcome people to our shores and we should realise that we are all the richer for this type of diversity.

What is prompting me to write to TDs and Senators about 'this country of six million' is the fact that many of them have become partitionist in their outlook and manner of expression. 'In this country of four million people' is most careless and damaging and serves to erode Ireland's national sense. We must not allow this sense to be lost and we must challenge many of these TDs and Senators to stop disregarding the six counties.

Watch out for this, however, and challenge it when you meet it. They have even begun to describe Tyrone and Fermanagh as the South West, a geographical description best reserved for Tralee. These same revisionists will describe the six counties as 'our wee country' or a province when it is neither of these things.

I am inviting local people to challenge every tackle and to fight this constant attempt to erode our national identity. In the same breath I want to pay tribute to those cultural and sporting bodies which promote our expression of national identity.

We recently learned that 400,000 people in the North have actively sought Irish Passports. We need an Irish Passport Office in the North and we need voting rights in Irish Presidential elections in the short term. Perhaps, if you have ten minutes you might write to the TDs and Senators in the Oireachtas.