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British cover up to blame for investigation costs.

Published: 8 July, 2008

Sinn Fein's Declan McAleer has said that the British government policy of concealment, cover-up and suppression of the truth is to blame for the cost of holding investigations into killings during the conflict. He was speaking following a report from the British NI Affairs Committee on the cost of holding such investigations.

Councillor McAleer, who also works in a voluntary capacity with victims of state violence said:

"Many families seek closure on the deaths of their loved ones. If the British government came clean and told the truth about its involvement in many of these activities then many families would find closure".

"The report by the NI Affairs committee is not surprising, if the truth be told I would be more surprised if they had said anything different. It is not inquiries themselves into the past which cost money it is the British State policy of concealment and cover-up. The truth costs nothing".

"In Tyrone we know too well the role that the British played in the conflict. We all remember state collusion with loyalist killer gangs and the SAS reign of terror in Tyrone".

"A start could be an admission by the British of their central role in the conflict here. They were far from the peacemakers they portrayed themselves as. They were very much active participants, as many in Tyrone and further afield could testify."