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Ian Milne to address Martin Hurson Commemoration

Published: 7 July, 2015

Sinn Féin has announced plans to commemorate the 34th Anniversary of the death of Tyrone Hunger Striker, Martin Hurson. Speaking ahead of the commemoration on Monday 13th July Sinn Féin chairman of the Galbally Sinn Féin cumann Paul Kelly also revealed that the annual commemoration will be addressed by South Derry republican Ian Milne MLA.

Speaking about the upcoming event Mr Kelly had this to say:

'The 1981 Hunger Strike was a pivotal period in Irish History and Irish Republicans remember the 10 young Irishmen, who died on Hunger Strike in Long Kesh, with pride. Likewise in East Tyrone and throughout the county we are immensely proud of Martin Hurson. Those who sacrificed their lives remain an inspiration to freedom loving people the world over. The graveside commemoration is one small measure of how we in the Republican Movement remember and pay our respects to Martin and his comrades. I would call on local people to support the graveside commemoration and also the football finals of the Martin Hurson cup, which will be played immediately before the commemoration.'