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Small minority continue to show contempt for local community

Published: 10 October, 2011

Cllr Mc Cauley said,

"Thankfully there has been a reduction in the level of anti-community activity in and around our local community shops following a major focus being brought on the problem a number of weeks ago.

"Unfortunately these incidents over the weekend show that a number of young people are determined to persist in this type of activity and in doing so are treating the community with total contempt.

"A number of the residents whose properties have been targeted with missiles are elderly, or are vulnerable in other ways, yet we have a case of a small core number using the cover of a wider group to engage in their "brave" acts.

"Likewise setting fire to tyres at the Plot Pad up against the tree boundary to Mourneside Health Centre yesterday evening was another "brave" act which necessitated an emergency response from the fire brigade and yet another clean-up bill for local rate payers. Firefighters who arrived to extinguish the fire were subject to verbal abuse by a group of about 10-15 young people who had 'hoodies' pulled up to disguise their faces. If this fire had caught hold properly it also could have disrupted the operation of the health centre itself.

"The vast majority of young people never bother anyone but a small minority don't seem to be happy unless they are bothering everyone. They need to get off this community's back." ENDS