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Arson attack of recovering stroke victim's taxi heartless and cowardly

Published: 12 September, 2011

The arson attack took place between 11pm and midnight last Wednesday and but for the actions of a neighbour who spotted the blaze the fire could have spread as the car was parked up against the disability extension that was added to his home after his stroke.

Cllr Mc Mahon said,

"Jim has been a taxi driver in Strabane for 25 years and never had any bother like this in all that time. He is at a complete loss as to understand why anyone would do this. While Jim drove for a local company it was his own car. Jim is recovering from a stroke and had to spend a lot of money to convert his taxi so that he would able to continue with his livelihood.

Not only has his livelihood now been ruined but so also has his means of getting about as his mobility is now severely restricted as a result of the stroke.

" I don't know whether this attack was a targeted malicious act or a random attack but regardless of what it was it has resulted in untold financial, physical and emotional hardship for Jim.

"Given Jim's circumstances I can only describe this arson attack as a heartless and cowardly act.