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Sinn Féin delegation to meet WELB Chief Executive Barry Mulholland on School Transport issues in Strabane and Omagh.

Published: 9 September, 2011

Michaela Boyle said,

"As a result of a Review of School Transport Provision in the Board area, I along other party colleagues have been inundated with representations from groups of parents in different rural areas of the constituency about the adverse impact the belated changes have made to school transport provision for their children.

"The issues range from the withdrawal of concessionary transport, partial withdrawal of transport; problems arising from changes to bus timetables and the logistical nightmare this has created for parents and children alike and problems in cases where bus transport has been replaced with taxi transport.

"We have been in constant contact with the Board Transport Section on all of these issues from the beginning of August, when parents began getting letters about the changes, and while some progress has been made a number of issues, we requested this meeting with Barry Mulholland to discuss each issue in detail and to seek further progress on each.

Members of the Sinn Féin delegation taking part in today's meeting are:

Michaela Boyle MLA, Cllr Declan Mc Aleer, (Omagh District Council), Cllr Dan Kelly and Cllr Kieran Mc Guire (Strabane District Council)