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Strabane community in shock following vicious and frenzied assault

Published: 30 August, 2011

Councillor Mc Mahon said,
"The victim of the vicious and frenzied attack is one of the most civil people you could meet and the local community remains in a state of shock that those who carried out this despicable attack were intent on inflicting the maximum injuries possible.
"But for the actions of a local girl who found the victim on her way back from work in the early hours of Saturday morning who called an ambulance and the prompt interventions made by the paramedics the consequences could have been fatal..
"I visited the victim's parents who are deeply distraught at the extent of the injuries that have been inflicted upon their son. Given the extent of swelling to the victims head it is, as of yet, too early to know what, if any, lasting damage has been done. The thoughts and prayers of the local community are with the family as they try to come to terms with what has happened and everyone is willing that the victim can make a full and speedy recovery.