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Electricity price increase will affect the most vulnerable in society

Published: 19 August, 2011

Omagh District Councillor Declan Mc Aleer has said that any increase in electricity prices would affect the most vulnerable in society. He was speaking following a proposal from Power NI, formerly NIE, to increase prices by up to 20%. This could see the average household bill jump by as much as £100 per year.

Councillor Mc Aleer said:

"If the proposed increase goes ahead this will plunge many more families into fuel poverty. Through my work as a local Councillor I encounter many people already experiencing fuel poverty. Some people are forced to make the stark choice between heating or eating. Should this proposal proceed, this will plunge even more families into desperation.

"It is worrying to note that electricity prices have been steadily increasing since 2008. The consequences are unimaginable should this trend continue. Families are already experiencing financially tough times with the British government's austerity measures and certainly this latest setback is unwelcome news.

"With more than one energy company in the market now, consumers should be made aware of the alternatives and should look towards other providers to get the best value for money. As such, I call on Power NI to desist from raising prices at this hugely challenging time".