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£4.4 million investment in broadband

Published: 19 August, 2011

Mid Tyrone Councillor Sean Clarke has called on the British Government to increase their level of funding for broadband provision in the north of Ireland, placing priority and focussing particularly on rural areas with little to no coverage.

The Sinn Féin Councillor expressed disappointment at the news that only £4.4million was allocated to the north out of an overall budget of £530million for broadband investment. The British Culture Minister Jeremy Hunt has asked the Northern executive to match the funding.

Cllr Clarke said,

"It is a disgrace that there are still areas in the north that are without proper and adequate broadband provision. The area in which I live, Greencastle is particularly affected by lack of coverage and Sinn Féin will continue to work alongside the local community to ensure that we are prioritised in this recent allocation of funding for broadband."

"Rural areas without broadband coverage should have precedence, while we continue to have little to no coverage our communities, and local businesses will suffer. This needs to be treated as a matter of urgency to ensure that rural areas like Greencastle have super fast broadband, funding needs to be directed at this."