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Apply for EMA - Fitzgerald

Published: 1 August, 2011

Local Sinn Fein councillor Anne Marie has called upon those staying on at school to post 16 level to apply for the Educational Maintenance Allowance.

The scheme rewards students who stay on in educational beyond GSCE level by offering a financial incentive of up to £60 per fortnight.

It is paid directly to young people from households with an income of £33,950 or less who stay on in education after they reach statutory leaving age.

Urging young people to apply for EMA councillor Fitzgerald said:

'There is a level of uncertainty whether the EMA scheme is still in place. However a number of months ago it was confirmed by the Stormont executive that EMA would continue. To this end I would call upon local students to apply for the grant. The sooner you apply for it the faster your application will be processed.

'To date EMA has assisted local students and provides a huge incentive to continue studying at post 16 level. This has been demonstrated by the high number of young people deciding to study beyond post 16 level.

'I would urge post 16 students to apply for this allowance and reap its benefits. It has been proven to be a huge assistance in the past and I am in no doubt this will remain the case.

*Application forms can be accessed through your local school or college. Alternatively they can be downloaded at