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Councillor condemns arrest of young woman

Published: 29 July, 2011

Sinn Féin Councillor Declan Mc Aleer has criticised the PSNI arrest and detention of a young woman in Mullaghmore housing estate, Killyclogher on Wednesday morning.

According to Cllr Mc Aleer 'I met with the girl's family and they are deeply distressed at the heavy handed tactics employed by the PSNI, who sledge hammered their way through her front door whilst she was in the bath. She was petrified as she felt that she was under attack and wasn't even permitted to dry her hair before being removed from the scene.

'The young woman was detained under the Terrorism Act, whilst clothes and other personal items were seized from the house. This has shocked local people who know that there is absolutely no possibility that she or her family would in any way be connected with such activity.

'The young woman was released late on Thursday evening and is coming to terms with the trauma that she experienced.

Cllr Mc Aleer continued 'This latest arrest follows other high profile raids in the Omagh area when people were detained in operations which lasted for days. In most of these cases, domestic appliances, cars and other equipment were seized and these have yet to be returned.

'Sinn Féin has raised this latest arrest, along with the other cases with the PSNI at the highest level. We expect a police service that is completely professional and who do not adopt practises that anger people and alienate communities.

'People in the community understand that the PSNI are pursuing an investigation into the killing of Rónán Kerr. However, heavy handed tactics will only serve to undermine the credibility of the PSNI in the eyes of the Republican community'.