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Welcome for Freeze on tuition fees

Published: 19 July, 2011

Sinn Féin councillor Glenn Campbell has welcomed the freeze on tuition freezes announced by the Minister for Further and Higher Education, Stephen Farry. Councillor Campbell reiterated his party's call for the scrapping of tuition fess but said he nonetheless welcomed the freeze on current tuition fees.

Speaking following the announcement Glenn Campbell said:

"I would like to first and foremost welcome the announcement that tuition fees are set to be frozen at the current rate. This is against a backdrop of a raise in fees elsewhere. Sinn Féin had committed in our Assembly manifesto that we would oppose any raise in student fees and the announcement on the freeze is evidence of the success of our campaign.

"We must work collectively to ensure that the so called 'brain drain' becomes a thing of the past and this means making studying in the north becomes a real benefit. Certainly we should be looking towards the Scottish model whereby Scottish students are entitle to free further and higher education.

"Sinn Féin has consistently called for the scrapping of tuition fees. Education is a right and should not be dependant on the ability to pay. There is clear evidence from research in America, Australia and Canada that the fee system reduces the number of applicants from low and middle income families and in particular communities that have suffered marginalisation and exclusion.