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Sinn Féin accuses Hussey of selective condemnation

Published: 14 July, 2011

Castlederg Sinn Fein Councillor Ruairí Mc Hugh has hit out at Ulster Unionist party Councillor Derek Hussey for engaging in 'selective condemnation' of certain incidents in the area over the 12th period while ignoring others emanating from within the community he represents.

He said,

"Sinn Féin makes no equivocation in condemning any of the incidents which have taken place in recent days which in any way have led to the heightening of tensions in the area. We are working on the ground in an effort to ensure the lowering of these tensions from within the community we represent and this includes efforts to end the 'recreational rioting' which has occurred at the top of the town over recent nights.

"However, while Councillor Hussey details what he alleges are incidents emanating from the republican community he is has totally ignored to mention serious incidents from within the loyalist side which include: the hit and run and hospitalization of two young nationalists in the early hours of Saturday morning which is now the subject of a police investigation, the smashing of windows in taxis as well as the burning of tricolours on an 11th night bonfire within a 100 yards of Parkview Nursing for the elderly.

"Cllr Hussey has been completely selective in his condemnation as usual and would be better served at trying to show some leadership within his own community in an effort to reduce tensions instead of engaging in partisan statements to the media.