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Caution urged after Skimming Device discovery

Published: 12 July, 2011

Sinn Fein Omagh Town councillor Sorcha McAnespy has called upon members of the public to be cautious when using bank machines. Her call comes after it was revealed a cash machine in Omaghs market street had been fitted with a skimming device. The device was discovered by bank officials earlier this week. Such a device allows fraudsters to clone a persons bank card. A similar device was also discovered in Enniskillen. Urging caution councillor McAnsepy said: 'People should be observant when using these machines. If they notice anything untoward about the bank machine they should report it to bank officials and not use the machine. Additionally customers should 'shield' the keypad when entering their pin number. If your card is cloned the fraudsters will still need your pin. By shielding it from view you will be better protected from falling victim to this type of crime. 'Fraudsters will go to extreme lengths to try and get money from unsuspecting customers by using these skimming devices. However the devices are also increasingly hard to conceal so if anyone notices anything suspect about bank machines locally I would urge people to report any concerns to bank officials. This will ensure that any potential devices can be dealt with before it is too late.