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Fountain Park car attack slammed

Published: 21 June, 2011

Strabane Sinn Féin Councillor Jay Mc Cauley says has hit out at those behind an attack on the car of a resident of Fountain Park in the town asking what can be achieved by such activity.

He said,

"On Wednesday night or the early hours of Thursday morning the car belonging to a young girl living in Fountain Park was badly scored and the petrol cap pulled off.

"In recent times, the cars of other members of her extended family have also been attacked and damaged and she believes that this is but the latest incident in a concerted campaign being carried out against her family.

"This young girl keeps very much to herself and never bothers anyone and I would ask what those behind this, and other such attacks, what they hope to achieve.

"This community is fed up to the teeth with such incidents and everyone in this community has the right to live free from fear or intimidation. All such incidents must end and this community must be allowed to live in peace. ENDS